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Hati-hati menyuarakan FREE BURMA

Mungkin saya berlainan pendapat sedikit tentang isu Myanmar/Burma.

Myanmar atau nama lama Burma, sebenarnya mempunyai sejarah yang ramai tidak tahu, dahulunya ketika Kerajaan Islam Moghul India sedang masyur, terdapat kerajaan Islam di Myanmar/Burma. Namun akibat kekalahan demi kekalahan, Umat Islam di Myanmar terpinggir, malah hampir tidak diketahui ramai akan kewujudan umat islam minoriti di Myanmar/Burma.

Ada 2 pendapat tentang bilangan umat Islam di Myanmar, ada yang mengatakan 5%, ada yang mengatakan 20 %, entah mana yang betul.

Kalau mengikut URL ini. Islam in Burma. , banyak kali berlakunya 'Kempen Anti-Islam' akan tetapi mana simpati terhadap umat Islam di Myanmar ketika itu?

Selain Junta Tentera, 'Budhist Monk' juga menentang islam.

petikan dari Wikipedia Islam in Burma

Anti-Muslim Riots in Taungoo(2001)

In 2001,Myo Pyauk Hmar Soe Kyauk Hla Tai (or) The Fear of Losing One's Race and many other anti-Muslim pamphlets were widely distributed by monks. Distribution of the pamphlets was also facilitated by the Union of Solidarity and Development Association (USDA). The USDA is the civilian support wing of the military regime.[144] Many Muslims feel that this exacerbated the anti-Muslim feelings that had been provoked by the destruction in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. [145] The above anti-Buddhist actions of the Taliban in Afghanistan (the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan) was used as a pretext to commit violence against Muslims in Myanmar by Buddhist mobs. Human Rights Watch reports that there was mounting tension between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in Taungoo for weeks before it erupted into violence in the middle of May 2001.Buddhist monks demanded that the Hantha Mosque in Taungoo be destroyed in "retaliation" for the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan.[35] Mobs of Buddhists, led by monks, vandalized Muslim-owned businesses and property and attacked and killed Muslims in Muslim communities. [146]Buddhist monks demanded that the ancient Hantha Mosque in Taungoo be destroyed in retaliation for the destruction in Bamiyan.[147] On May, 18, however, Han Tha mosque and Taungoo Railway station mosque were razed to ground by bulldozers owned by the SPDC junta..[148]On May, 15, 2001, anti-Muslim riots broke out in Taungoo, Pegu division, resulting in the deaths of about 200 Muslims, in the destruction of 11 mosques and setting ablaze of over 400 houses. On May, 15, the first day of the anti-Muslim uprisings, about 20 Muslims who were praying in the Han Tha mosque were killed and some were beaten to death by the pro-junta forces. On May, 17, 2001, Lt. General Win Myint, Secretary No.3 of the SPDC and deputy Home and Religious minister arrived and curfew was imposed there in Taungoo. All communication lines were disconnected.[149]The mosques in Taungoo remained closed as of May 2002. Muslims have been forced to worship in their homes. Local Muslim leaders complain that they are still harassed. After the violence, many local Muslims moved away from Taungoo to other nearby towns and as far away as Yangon. After two days of violence the military stepped in and the violence immediately ended.[150]There also were reports that local government authorities alerted Muslim elders in advance of the attacks and warned them not to retaliate to avoid escalating the violence. While the details of how the attacks began and who carried them out were unclear by year's end, the violence significantly heightened tensions between the Buddhist and Muslim communities. [151]

Baca sendiri, Nilaikan sendiri, masihkan anda ingin menyokong dan bersimpati dengan Budhist monk?

Di Malaysia, Agama minoriti masih boleh mendirikan Rumah Ibadat mereka, akan tetapi keadaan jauh lebih berbeza apabila yang minoriti itu adalah Islam.

Walaubagaimanapun, Pestabola Merdeka sudah jadi milik kita


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