Ahad, 9 September 2007

Tag One word answer

have been tagged by Chan Kelvin. Since the original tag is to answer the question with one word, I’ll try my best to do it. If the answer doesn’t make sense to you, it is probably because it is 6am right now. I have a few “pending tags” that I haven’t completed. I hope to be able to catch up on them soon.

Where is your cell phone? carpet
Relationship? sexually_healthy
Your hair? black
Work? plenty
Your sister? got_new_baby
Your favorite thing? blogging
Your dream last night? forget
Your favorite drink? nescafe
Your dream car? Camry?
The room you’re in? hall
Your shoes? Nike
Your fears? God
What do you want to be in 10 years? successful
Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
What are you not good at? speaking
One of your wish list items? Macbook
Where you grew up? Merlimau
Last thing you did? smoking
What are you wearing? kainpelekat
What aren’t you wearing? bra
Your pet? none
Your computer? macmini
Your life? not_so_challenging
Your mood? optimistic
What are you thinking about right now? food
Your car? companycar
Your kitchen? none
Your summer? none
Your favorite color? green
Last time you laughed? last afternoon…
Last time you cried? last morning!
School? STAR
Love? Sex

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